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Intersections of Grace
Reflections on a Life of Faith

Through the years, being surrounded by a family of published writers had become commonplace for Terrell Hills bible teacher and photographer Susan Moorman Kerr. But now with the upcoming release of her book Intersections of Grace on December 4, Kerr adds to the varied library produced by her family of prolific writers. From the historical novels penned by her husband John Kerr, legal thrillers written by John’s brother Baine, cookbooks written by her two sisters-in-laws, her father-in-law’s wartime memoir two acclaimed books by her distinguished grandfather and a freelance-writer daughter whose work has appeared in the New York Times, the Kerr/Moorman families have produced writers in many genres.

As a member of First Presbyterian Church in San Antonio, Kerr delivered a series of devotional talks to her Bible Study group. After much encouragement from the women in the group, she turned these talks into Intersections of Grace, a collection of written essays and prayers. Her writings are inspired by experiences in her daily life, nature, pets and travel, and steeped in her love of God’s word. Her photographs accompany many of her reflections.
“During my life, I have experienced many manifestations of God’s grace,” notes Kerr. “Above all, I hope my writings help others recognize that if we are attentive, we may see these intersections at every step of our life journey and that we are therefore, never truly alone.”

The book’s foreword is written by the renowned The Reverend Dr Louis H. Zbinden, Jr., the former senior pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in San Antonio - a role in which he served for 30 years. In 2002, First Presbyterian Church established The Louis H. and Katherine S. Zbinden Chair of Pastoral Ministry and Leadership at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  Zbinden became the first to hold the chair the following year.   Zbinden was also a founder of San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries (SAMM) and Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM), outreach ministries that serve the homeless.
“I am so grateful for the words of Pastor Zbinden as he has had a tremendous impact on my journey in faith over the years,” notes Kerr. “It is so fitting and I am so humbled to have his foreword as an introduction to my work.”